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Restaurant and Cafe in Model Town that Deliver Food

We have been operating in Model Town 3 and have a stable base of customers. ice cream nd grill cafe and we offer taste to our customers. Yes, taste at its very best and our customers swear that no other restaurant gives them more satisfaction and they keep coming back to us. We started off in 2017 when there were very few Ice cream Parlour in model town and grill cafes in the locality of model town and have been operating with flavour and fervor serving the best grilled food as well some exotic ice cream.

Our motto is to bring the best for our visiting customers, and we also have takeaway services which are free of packaging cost. We yearn to become the best restaurant in model town Delhi, and this has our mission to serve and emerge as the best food provider. So, if you are a foodie who loves their grilled food you should visit us and try it for once. It is our guarantee that you will come again searching for the taste. We are located just next to PNB Bank model town and on a weekend attract more crowd than the branded outlets.

What is our secret? Exotic Ice Cream Dishes and Grilled Sandwiches

What is our secret? Well, it is plain and simple taste and flavour with variety that you will not get anywhere. We offer the best grilled sandwich for our guests and customers. You also get some exotic ice cream dishes which you can savor after a meal. We also offer garlic bread which is home baked and fresh for a nice breakfast. We also offer hot and cold drinks to go along with the pizzas and sandwiches.

Free Home Delivery within 3 Km Radius of Our Location

We also offer free home delivery within 3 km radius. So, you can sit at your home and enjoy the flavors of ice cream nd grill cafe at your doorsteps. Though we are known for our mouth watering pizzas, you should also try our special ice cream mixes and particularly cold stone which is an exotic taste which cannot be replicated by any other restaurant in Delhi.